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Bob Dylan

Since 1999, Folk Music Archives has interviewed many folk artists who personally knew Bob Dylan, both from Duluth, MN (Robert Allen Zimmerman) - - his days with Woody - - his "Village" days - - and ever changing works through 2001. Folk Music Archives has traveled thousands of miles to record these rare personal stories and recollections.

These recorded conversations about Bob separate fact from fiction. As George Harrison said, " . . . 500 years from now, Dylan will be the most remembered and revered name from this era, eclipsed even the Beatles."

CD album: Bob Dylan: The 1965 Interview
The Baktabak Interview Collection: CBAK4107
1997 TABAK Marketing Limited.
Folk Music Archives Music Library 

Personal conversations about Bob are from: Pete Seeger, The Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, Len Chandler, Joe Hickerson (wrote last three verses of Where have All The Flowers Gone - view: Library of Congress American Folklife Center page), Joe Klein, The New Yorker and author, Primary Colors and Woody Guthrie: A life), Liam Clancy (The Clancy Brothers), Oscar Brand, Fred Hellerman (The Weavers) 

, , , others are being recorded.

Liam Clancy was interviewed by Folk Music Archives in New York City on Friday,  April 19, 2001 - - his recollections and lasting association with Bob portrays a personal and very emotional side never told before . . . it is priceless.

Pete Seeger and Peter Yarrow tell what really happened at the Newport Folk Festival when Bob "plugged in" - and  what happened after the performance. 

Joe Klein was interviewed at  The New Yorker on February 8, 2000 - - Joe wrote "Primary Colors" and one of the best books on Woody Guthrie, "Woody Guthrie: A Life."  When asked about the archiving and recording the folk singers and groups of the 20th century he said:

"I think that for the sake of history . . . when people go back and look at how this distinctive American form of music evolved . . . these people hold a very key part of the answer . . . we should get them on record - - pepper them with questions until we are obnoxious - - until we get the whole story out." 
Photo Credit 2000 Gasper Tringale
Courtesy: The New Yorker to Folk Music Archives

This is the mission and purpose of Folk Music Archives - - I hope to have a conversation with Bob Dylan in the near future.  Frank Shane

Special Program: Bob Dylan
was held on May 19, 2001

The New Yorker FESTIVAL:  A Literary & Arts Celebration - New York City hosted "The Work of Bob Dylan: A Benefit for PEN."  David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, moderator, Gregory Mosher, director. With Tracy Chapman, The Esquires, Bobbie Ann Mason, Rick Moody, Graham Parker, Christopher Ricks, Sam Shepard, Patti Smith, Ann Waldman and others. Program was held on May 19th. @ The Town Hall. New York City. For reference read: The New Yorker April 2, 2001, page 22A

Bob Dylan
Picture on Page 22A: The New Yorker

The program was recorded and FMA will bring you an update in June.

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