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The Bitter End

The Bitter End in Greenwich Village was the springboard for folk-talent throughout the 1960's thanks to the discerning eye of Fred Weintraub. The Tuesday "Open Mike"  hootenanny nights launched many folk artists, groups and comics.

Peter, Paul & Mary performed in 1961 and thanks to Fred's creative publicity, the Cafe was packed and their 40-year
career started in front of the famous brick wall.

Folk Music Archives will be interviewing Fred Weintraub this fall at his home in California. Voice Clips of that interview will be featured on this page with funding resources..

 Also, Interview Voice Clips with Peter, Paul & Mary, Len Chandler, Eric Weissberg [The Tarriers], Woody Allen, Bill Cosby and  others
Menus courtesy: The Cambridge Singers, February 23, 1965. Folk Music Archives Collection


*Iced Cider Jubilee . . .  $1.30.  Coffee houses could not serve alcohol. The Bitter End had the biggest and best Cold Drinks - - Hot Drinks and "Ice Cream To Sweeten Your Bitter End."

Peter, Paul & Mary debuted at The Bitter End in 1961. Their first album cover was designed by Milton Glaser with a yellow heart drawn on the brick wall as told in the Folk Music Archives Interview: "Peter Yarrow: Love, Music & Social Causes."

Album Cover Photo: Warner Bros Records, Inc.; Musical Director, Milton Okun, Cover Design, Milton Glaser; Cover Photo, Bernard Cole.

Click on yellow heart which will link you to the Peter, Paul & Mary page. 
Photo taken on stage at The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, New York. 
Original 1962 Warner Bros. Album: Folk Music Archives collection.



"The Tarriers - A Live Performance Recorded At The Bitter End" with Bob Carey, Clarence Cooper, Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman. In the liner notes on Decca Records #DL 4342, Theodore Bikel exclaims: "This album presents a performance before a live audience. It was recorded at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, a favorite haunt of mine and the scene of the group's earlier triumphs . . . a fitting choice of locale."

Archival Note: Eric Weissberg will be interviewed by Folk Music Archives. At the time this album was recorded Eric was on leave from the Julliard School of Music - - - at only 21 he gained a formidable reputation as one of the most talented banjoists in the folk music scene. In later years, Eric's signature banjo style would be recognized in the film Deliverance with Jon Voight  and Burt Reynolds - - "Dueling Banjo's."

Cover Photo: Hal Buksbaum in front of The Bitter End, 147 Bleeker Street, Greenwich Village. Original Decca Album: Folk Music Archives Collection.


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